Wajub ul Mohbbat  By Areeba awan

Areeba Awan’s ‘Wajub ul Mohabbat’ stands as a profound testament to the intricate nature of love within an Islamic context. This gripping narrative encapsulates the journey of a young girl who chooses the path of her Lord after facing adversity. It unravels the blossoming love stemming from Hura and Arsalan’s initial dislike, eventually converging into a tale of Wajdan’s passionate devotion.

Exploring ‘Wajub ul Mohabbat’:

At its heart, ‘Wajub ul Mohabbat’ is a tale that intertwines faith, emotions, and destiny. Areeba Awan intricately narrates the story of a girl whose convictions lead her towards spiritual enlightenment, steering her away from worldly temptations. The narrative beautifully unfolds the evolving relationships and the characters’ profound journeys, painting a vivid picture of love rooted in Islamic values.

Intriguing Scenes from the Novel:

The novel tantalizes readers with evocative scenes that provide glimpses into the depth and complexity of the characters’ emotions. Scenes such as the exchange between Azlan and Pari are laden with curiosity, hesitation, and underlying emotions that convey the intricate bonds and unspoken desires that form the crux of the storyline.

Areeba Awan: The Author’s Craftsmanship:

In ‘Wajub ul Mohabbat,’ Areeba Awan showcases her narrative finesse. Her ability to intricately weave together the threads of faith, love, and personal growth resonates with readers, inviting them into a world where emotions are palpable, and faith serves as the cornerstone of every relationship depicted in the novel.

Accessing ‘Wajub ul Mohabbat’:

For enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in Areeba Awan’s soul-stirring narrative, the complete ‘Wajub ul Mohabbat’ is available via the provided link. The PDF version allows readers to delve into this love story steeped in Islamic principles, experiencing the myriad emotions and spiritual essence embedded within the characters’ lives.


‘Wajub ul Mohabbat’ by Areeba Awan is not just a love story; it’s a journey that transcends the conventional portrayal of romance. It celebrates love entrenched in faith, echoing the sentiments of spiritual devotion and the deep-rooted principles guiding human connections. Awan’s narrative skillfully navigates the intricate emotions and the spiritual journey of the characters, leaving readers captivated and inspired by the transformative power of love within the realm of Islamic teachings.



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